Quoted quote Inspiration Qu of Teacher Plato 99

Quoted quote Inspiration Qu of Teacher Plato 99

Recent discoveries of the properties of Space and the Wave Structure of Material show that we can understand reality in a simple and sensitive way. I think there are some good things about the new results-based curriculum currently being implemented in Western Australian public schools – I did this at Nyindamurra Family School. This means that instead of describing a curriculum based on specific content to be studied, we instead describe the results we want. (For example, a child may collect numbers in his head or appreciate the importance of Nature and the interconnected ecology of life.) Now the way to learn these skills is open. You can go down to the beach and count the shells on the beach, if you wish.

Education is often an important step in our lives, but the real education that makes us successful in life takes place outside the controlled environment of a classroom. We all learn in different ways and an essential part of the learning process is to understand ourselves and how we learn most effectively. « No matter how good the lesson may be, each student must take responsibility for his or her own education. » – John Carolus S. J. R. Verdi Good teachers are those who know how little they know. Bad teachers are those who think they know more than they do not.
A. Bartlett Giamatti Liberal education is at the heart of civil society and at the heart of a liberal education is the act of teaching. Anthony J. D’AngeloThe only real failure in life is the one we did not learn. Aeschylus I am not afraid of storms because I am learning to sail with my ship. Anthony J. D’Angelo Develop a passion for learning. This is the new profound way of thinking that Einstein understood, that it exists as the extended spatial structures of the universe – the distinct and special body an illusion. But it is up to you, the people who care about science and society, to understand the importance of truth and reality. Our world is in big trouble because of human behavior based on myths and customs that cause the destruction of nature and climate change.

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Those who educate their children well are more honored than their parents, because they only gave them life, the art of living well. When, after a few hours of reading, I came back to myself, I wondered what impressed me. The results were not presented as ready-made, but scientific curiosity was initially created by showing opposite possibilities of conceiving matter. Only then was an attempt made to clarify the issue with a full argument.

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What is the purpose of industrial education? To fill the youth of the species with knowledge and to awaken their intelligence?

Nothing is more necessary to overcome the suffocation of modernism. The basic principle of education is to understand the truth about oneself. The basic principle of philosophy is to understand that all truth comes from reality. Thus, the educational philosophy must be based on the truth of what exists.

We can now conclude the simplest scientific theory of reality – the wave structure of matter in space. « As a man who knows how to make his education the rule of life and not a means to an end. who can control himself and obey his principles. « The true mirror of our speech is the flow of our life.

The author’s spiritual sincerity makes us share the inner struggle in his mind. This is the sign of the born teacher. Knowledge exists in two forms – inanimate, stored in books and alive, in the consciousness of people. The second form of existence is ultimately the essential. The first, as necessary, occupies only a lower position. There are only a few enlightened people with a clear mind and style and good taste in a century. What has been preserved from their work is part of the most valuable goods of humanity.


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The aim is simply to reduce as many people as possible to the same safe level, to educate and train a standard citizen, to reject dissent and originality. That is his goal in the United States and that is his goal everywhere.

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