Proposal for the implementation of a sentence recognition index in persons with hearing impairments

Proposal for the introduction of a sentence recognition index in persons with hearing impairments

However, it is believed that this form of analysis did not take into account important information when a person could not recognize only one word at a time. Using suggestions to assess people with hearing impairments is becoming increasingly important as it provides a more realistic environment for everyday communication…

All sentences are different, but the lists are similar in phonetic content and sentence structure, so there may be equivalence in one person’s performance in relation to different lists. This study was conducted in Núcleo de Seleção e Adaptação de Próteses Auditivas do Serviço de Atendimento Fonoaudiológico by a higher education institution. Washt approved by the Research Ethics Committee and is part of a project called Sentence Recognition at Different Speed ​​of Words, registered with the University Health Sciences Center Project Office under # 029 457. For example, in a sentence with five or six words, if the patient could not recognize a single word, or if he or she could not recognize a single word, it would still be considered a 10% error. However, when analyzing this patient’s hearing condition, examining all the words is important because when a person cannot recognize the whole sentence or just one word in it, they represent different states and show more accurately the ability to communicate . this person in the daily communication situation.

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However, interpreting the results becomes more difficult as performance can be measured in different ways. As mentioned earlier, it is difficult to determine whether individuals’ responses are the result of general sentence perception or only keyword perception contributes to its full recognition….

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The test was introduced to the subjects through headphones in the ear corresponding to their lateral hemisphere. However, an additional adjustment was required because even lists showing results and equivalent phrases with similar phonetics have different numbers of words in each sentence, from four to seven words, in addition to the difference in the number of content words and functional words. It was believed that the previously presented form does not adequately determine the amount of patient performance, therefore, a study was started on the most appropriate way to assess sentence recognition, taking into account each word presented…

Table 1 shows the mean and average of the sentences and words of each list, as well as the coefficients of variation and comparative analysis of the two SRI calculation methods based on individual estimates. After an audiological examination, the LPP test was applied. Bid lists were submitted using a CD player (model 4149; Toshiba) connected to an audiometer..

With this in mind, in the case of SHRI, accepting the entire proposal would be considered a response; Thus, if people did not recognize one word or all the words in a sentence, they would again score 10% errors or matches, leading to a more basic analysis of what a person is able to recognize in conversation. Thus, when viewed as a result of the overall perception of the sentence, the performance of the individual cannot be adequately determined, as other words that he or she has correctly understood will not be taken into account (). Thus, suggestions are commonly used in audiological evaluation for purposes other than those of basic audiological evaluation, with the observation that it is often used in people with very clear complaints of hearing impairment or in patients who have confirmed hearing loss and are beginning the process. speech therapy..

Thus, a strategy is chosen to display and determine the amount of its complexity, so that after the intervention chosen for each case, the benefit to the patient can be confirmed under the same probationary conditions. Among the cited materials, the use of sentences for hearing assessment has not yet gained widespread acceptance in clinical practice, although there are numerous citations in the literature that indicate their importance. These authors suggested a wider use of sentences, as sentences provide a more realistic state of mind than everyday communication, which reinforces their importance and encourages their use in everyday practice. A new strategy and protocol for SRI assessment was developed using the LPP test considering each sentence of the sentence. When comparing the answers, it was noted that when considering each word in the sentence, it was possible to scale, in more detail and with less variability, the actual ability to recognize each person’s speech, a new strategy and a protocol. developed confirmed its applicability and suitability for assessing cognition indices of quiet sentences in hearing impairment in certain hearing environments. counter-offer in the sentence – use « counter-offer » in sentence 1. Or he can choose another round of offer and counter-offer..

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