My 5 Book Recommendations For Writers.

hey everyone it’s Dan I had a blogpost drafted which was to be about five book recommendations for writers nothing in any particular order just fine books that I have around that I think could be beneficial to writers instead of writing the soda I thought I’d share with it share these in a video and upload it to YouTube so Stephen King’s on writing which I’ve had this book for well over 10 years go through it Stephen King talks about his process and aspirations and hard work he put in it teaches discipline if anything that’s one thing I certainly leading from this book was discipline and just continuing to work at it and learn as you go I’m including Leonard Cohen’s novel Beautiful Losers because it’s my absolute favorite book and I think it’s the greatest work of Canadian fiction especially just because Leonard Cohen is the reason I get into writing in the first place so if you haven’t read it I highly recommend it it’s available on Amazon Marketplace and probably many local many of your local bookstores and Amazon Marketplace has it I think I’m mass market paperback for a very little money Carol Leifer How to Succeed in Business Without Really crying lessons from a life and comedy those who might not have heard her name would suggest you look her up Carol stand-up comedian and is I think most identified with her writing on Seinfeld but as you can see I flagged this book which contains her own experiences and some things for me to go back and I’ve actually written on some of these just particular things to come back to and apply to my own process or inspiration to keep me going so Sara Menon Casso is real artists have data and other awesome things they don’t teach you in school this book was anticipated I was really highly anticipating this book and it actually blew my expectations out of the water again you can see like with Carol’s book I’ve got this plague in different places you’ve been literally opened when you’ve read this you can open to any chapter of this read it through it and come away with something for it I’ve recently come back to this and found great strength to move forward on some of the days when we just want to throw them at all throw the test on the town yes well honestly on a mini mansion and print reference manual this is the Greg reference manual six Canadian edition now I know you’re saying you can look up anything on the internet because the information is there that’s fine but if you’re gonna own one print resource manual you should I’m recommending this one just because it happened to be useful for me when I was in college and I ended up keeping it and finding things in it that were helpful so again I’ve liked the others I’ve flagged certain things so I do recommend having at least one print reference book then otherwise of course you can always go to the internet but have one that you can constantly come back to where you know something is explained to you clearly or you can when you read it you understand it clearly okay so anyway those are five recommendations of the books that I think writers should have if you have any others you’d like to suggest put them down in the comments below so thanks man i’m on twitter at writer Dan that’s writer daamn thanks

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