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Category pages are optimized to reflect applicable, seasonal keywords, based on objectives discussed and agreed upon with the client. Identification and optimization for relevant seasonal keywords begin at the onset of every partnership with the Conductor team. Priced competitively, Conductor has multiple factors that influence pricing including the number of tracked keywords. Current Conductor customers leverage this data to measure performance and demonstrate ROI around their organic search efforts. Highlighting which keywords are ranking well and driving traffic to individual pages allow users to gain a deeper insight into their SEO. Conductor integrates both domestic and international page-level analytics reporting on keywords tracked in Speccy Conductor that are ranking on all URLs.

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They also use this rank data to drive reporting of other metrics such as market share against top competitors. BrightEdge also regularly tracks performance and market share over time to account for the constant changing of the search landscape and identification of emerging sites/competitors. Natural competitors are any websites that are currently outperforming a site for any keywords/topics the user wants to perform well for. For more experienced SEO pros, this analysis is displayed in one convenient view, saving the time of manually checking the source code/HTML for each competing page individually. BrightEdge’s focus is on developing an all-encompassing search and content marketing strategy by bringing all aspects of a strategy into one platform. You don’t have to be an expert in SEO to be able to use the tool, gain benefits from it, or understand the data.

Users can render pages of a website the way a search engine might. Botify users are SEO practitioners who work on some of the largest sites on the web. It covers the full spectrum of search and is built for technical SEOs responsible for identifying indexing issues all the way to marketers who need to analyze content for quality. Botify Activation tools give SEOs the autonomy to execute optimizations quickly and without resource constraints. In addition regarding customer reviews from Trust Radius and G2Crowd, Conductor is seen as a top performer in comparison to others in the space. Global marketing organizations rely on Conductor to be able to scale their SEO efforts across multiple domains, in dozens of markets, across tens of thousands of keywords, and in hundreds of locations. Conductor primarily targets optimizations for category pages, as inventory turns quickly.

  • Unlike consumer-level options, professional apps can get confusing pretty quickly.
  • Most titles give you plenty of liberty when it comes to overall enhancement and design.
  • Professional software offers great control and flexibility in the final outcome.
  • PicMonkey lets you create beautiful collages from a good selection of templates.

Customers use these tools for benchmarking market share against tracked and non-traditional competitors. This view is a direct representation of Conductor’s partnership with best-of-breed keyword index, SEMrush, and identifies the number of keywords driving traffic to competitor domains as a whole. For on-demand research, Conductor’s Explorer helps with competitive research outside of managed keywords. These insights aid in identifying which competitors have built out targeted content for any specific featured snippets within search.

Rank Intelligence is another capability that clients tend to rave about making it different than your typical rank tracking tool offering on-the-fly analysis to gain clear insights from ranking data. Pricing packages are based on the combination of domain profiles and number of keyword search queries tracked. Users can access seoClarity’s robust API, various exports and transform and load virtually any data point. Clients can uncover opportunities and compare against five competitors at one time to recognize content gaps with just a few clicks. seoClarity claims to be the only SEO platform to offer unlimited competitive comparisons, on the fly, against existing keyword rankings or within the entire search landscape.

Botify does this in a way that’s compliant with Google’s terms of service integrating with Google Search Console for keyword data rather than scraping the SERPs. One of the key differentiators is that Botify takes a URL-first approach to SEO data, rather than a keyword-first approach. The ease of uncovering insights that a client may miss with other tools is where Botify shines the most. Users can layer data from their Botify crawl and find a possible correlation between low crawl rate and low content uniqueness.

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