Kim Namjoon quoted by 32

BTS Rm wise words that will enhance your philosophy of life

« Happy Namjoon Day! » The BTS leader turns 23 and fans are no longer happy with Shook

But when people think of gray, it will be more diverse. It can be light gray, almost white or dark gray. People think there can be a lot of gray.

People who think they are the only weirdos. Some say I have a lot of vain thoughts. And some say I’m immature. Some of you may face a problem in your life. Some of you may be happy or tired because you have found a solution..

I have to learn to recognize beauty in my weaknesses. You think a lot and think about everything more than others. I’m sure there are people like that.

I think that is why today people eat alone, drink alone and even watch movies alone. And it became a natural phenomenon. In the past, I worried about what others thought of me. I had a similar attitude to other things. Now I think about the agenda from different angles..

When people remember black and white, even though everyone may have different opinions, they have a pretty clear image. You just lie down and watch how others live and love. Through movies, you can experience another person’s life. « I think that’s why people like to watch movies so much..

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