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How to write a great college application study title

Examples of test title

So be sure to take some time to find an essay that is the quick answer to any quick questions. But if the subject of your essay is very original and different, you are more likely to get this coveted second look at your application. He holds a degree in Psychology from the International University of Florida and a Master’s Degree in Education from Georgia Southern University.

Tell the importer something he or she may not have learned about you from other documents you have completed. It’s okay to extend the points you just mentioned by moving to other parts of the app, but make sure you add new information and present it in an engaging, creative way. For example, you may be a creative thinker or an excellent problem solver.


Dr. Allen Grove is an English professor at Alfred University and a college admissions specialist with 20 years of experience helping students get into college. In this case, you can mention some specific moments that guided you and strongly supported you in your studies.

After choosing the topic for your essay, write a first draft. Do not bother to make it perfect, just write down what you can think of on your subject.

For example, your essay may focus on a situation where you are challenging or questioning one of your beliefs. Tell an incident in your life when this happened and think about how your experience changed. Start with a few lines that present the subject of your essay in a fascinating and personal way. Your essay should also not simply repeat the things you have already mentioned elsewhere in your application.

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