How to make a longer essay

How to make a longer essay

There is no other honest way to increase the number of words in an essay. All of the following are tips on how to twist the professor around your finger. Yes, I know an essay is not a 30-page course on the African-American divide and you are not required to do any complex topic analysis and basic data research. However, you need to give your professor something coherent. If you find that you have used all the resources you have had and described all the results, keep digging.

You have probably spent hours looking at your computer screen, hoping that the words will magically appear in your head. Take a snack, take a walk or talk to a friend on the phone. After a while, you will return to the essay with a new perspective, and you will probably have new ideas after you have time away from work. This may sound like silly advice, but as you read your speech aloud, you become increasingly aware of any grammatical or syntactic problems. When reformulating suggestions to fix this, you can lengthen the article a bit. As you read aloud, you may find that you did not include enough detail in a specific paragraph…

Extend Essay: The Way of Deception

And eventually you will need to go back to the first stage and understand what needs to be written next to reach the number of pages. But you leave the font size at 12.5pt. One way to increase the length of your essay is to detail numbers and abbreviations. Remove all « do not » and « do not » because it is not necessary and I will not do it.

Make the space between paragraphs and font size slightly larger

While it is possible to increase the size of such an article, there are better ways to do so without bothering the professor. As a last resort, you can add content and also give the paper depth. To get a longer article, I set it aside overnight and read it. Every time I do this I discover what I came up with US Congress ready to repeat fiasco with new nuclear reactors, experts warn.htm and those intended for inclusion remained excluded. I also use a somewhat indirect language and a great way to not only lengthen the article, but also understand what to say is the use of quotation marks. The screenshot shows an example of what your essay would look like if you changed the font from 11 pt to 12. In this excerpt it does not look like a big change..

Remember that you are writing your essay as someone who knows the topic. You need to provide the reader with enough information to understand your article. This helps to make sure that you do not forget any important details and gives you the opportunity to increase the duration of your essay. Ask yourself if you answered all the questions posed in a timely manner or asked during the research. Finding something you missed in a title could be the reason your article is shorter than required in length or word count. Here are some ways to make your essay longer if you have trouble typing the required number of words…

But if you have an essay of at least 500 words, this trick will help you make your essay a quarter longer. Try to take personally the topic you are writing about. Develop your attitude towards what you are writing about, and then give yourself the freedom to express everything you have to say about the topic. Include your associations and childhood memories. If your essay contains many numbers and numbers, write all one hundred and sixty-five numbers in words. Do not write one, two and three, as your professor will see that you are desperate, so use this approach only when you are really in the corner….

If so, go back and add more to increase the length. If not, go back and add transitive phrases like the ones listed above. Your text will be easier to read and you will get closer to the minimum pages in the process.

Look for alternative perspectives or factual information. Statistics, tables, case studies – everything goes. I just finished testing a 20 page work and it really helped me.

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